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A note from H.R Giger- About his Album Covers

Posted by Sarah Sessions on 17/10/2007

Of the, approximately, 20 records on which my artwork has been seen over the last 30 years, very few were created, specifically, for album covers. The first one, ever, was for a band called Walpurgis in 1969, then Emerson Lake and Palmer’s “Brain Salad Surgery” in 1973, Debbie Harry’s “Koo Koo” in 1981, and a series of “lip” paintings which I made for ELP in 1986, that the group, finally, used on a CD they released in the mid 1990s. The last cover I, actually, painted as a commission was Steve Stevens & the Atomic Playboys in 1989. All the others paintings, including the sculpture used for Carcass’ “Heartwork”, 1993, I made for myself, many years before, which the bands, later, licensed for their own use after seeing them in my books.


2 Responses to “A note from H.R Giger- About his Album Covers”

  1. kevmoore said

    I always loved H.R.Giger’s work, such a haunting surrealism to it. Also, I find, instantly recollectable in the mind’s eye; Brain Salad Surgery, Koo Koo, and Steve Stevens solo album, are clear in every detail as I read about them. A truly original artist, who was always going to be taken to the creative musician’s heart.

  2. HR Giger is one of 50 artists confirmed for our upcoming book Metamorphosis Volume 2. Along side Ron English, Michael Hussar, Paul Booth, Heidi Taillefer and… More

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