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Posted by Sarah Sessions on 24/10/2007

Cubism is a more modern art movement in which forms are abstracted by using an analytical approach to the object and painting the basic geometric solid of the subject. Cubism is a backlash to the impressionist period in which there is more of an emphasis of light and color. Cubism itself follows Paul Cezanne statement that “Everything in nature takes its form from the sphere, the cone, and the cylinder.” in which these 3 shapes are used to depict the object of the painting. Another way that the cubist expressed their painting was by showing different views of an object put together in a way that you can not actually see in real life. The Cubism period stated in Paris in 1908, reached its peak in 1914, and continued into the 20’s. The leaders in the cubist era were Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque . Other painters from this period include Fernand Leger, Francis, philidelphia

De La Fresnaye



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